品番:KJP-1145B  色:ブラック


クッションの一面には京都の西陣地域にて織り上げられたKAJI KINRANオリジナルファブリックを、もう一面にはヨーロッパで広く使われている高品質なデンマークのファブリックを使用しています。

  • デザイン:テキスタイルデザイナー 河東梨香
  • 素材:KAJI KINRAN 絹100% / KVADRAT ウール90%、ナイロン10%
  • サイズ:50cm×30cm
  • 価格:Tel, Fax, Mailにてお問い合わせください。


No. KJP-1145B  Color : Dew Black

According to an old Chinese legend the phoenix will appear only when the world is in a peaceful and joyous state. Due to its magnificent and graceful shape the phoenix has been a beloved motif in Japan since the Asuka era (6th c. – 8th c.).
From the traditional KAJI KINRAN phoenix design we have chosen the part of the wing and tail feathers and created a pattern of expanding plumage. Using as a model the gorgeous and delicate depiction in the bird paintings by mid Edo era (17th c. – 19th c.) artist Jakuchu Ito, we have woven each feather in vivid detail. The gold and silver threads convey the image of feathers glistening with dew in the moonlight or morning sun.

The material of one side of the cushion cover is KAJI KINRAN original fabric, Kinran fabrics of Nishijin Textile in Kyoto, and the other is that of the high quality Danish Textile which is very popular in Europe.
We believe that our collaboration makes you satisfied, which brings good symphony and contrast between our traditional NISHIJIN Textile of Kyoto and Textile of KVADRAT , the representative textile company of Denmark.

  • Design: Textile Designer Rika Kawato
  • Material: KAJI KINRAN 100% Silk / KVADRAT 90 % new wool, worsted, 10 % nylon
  • Size: 50cm×30cm
  • Price: Please send us an inquiry for the price.