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KAJI KINRAN is a textile brand produced by Kaji Kinran Co., Ltd. based in the Nishijin area of Kyoto. Kaji Kinran specializes in Kinran weaving, the highest-grade textile among the traditional Nishijin fabrics, and has produced garments and adornments for temples and shrines for many years. In Japan, people have long felt a sense of awe towards nature, and cherished all things and beings. Kinran weaving conveys this feeling through patterns derived from nature. KAJI KINRAN adds a new touch to the beauty and skills that have been fostered for centuries in Kyoto, where a graceful culture continues to live on. These textiles give elegance and refined luster to present lifestyles.


KAJI KINRANは、京都の西陣地域を拠点に、日本伝統織物の最高峰である「金襴織物」の専門メーカーとして、寺社仏閣で使われる衣や荘厳品を作り続けてきた加地金襴(株)が生んだファブリックブランドです。古来より自然を畏れ、ものみなすべてに神が宿ると考えた日本人。その心は、雲や水の流れ、蔓草や蝶などの文様に平和や健康への想いを託した、京都の伝統織物、「金襴織物」に受け継がれています。KAJI KINRANは雅な文化の息づく京都で、幾世紀もかけて培われてきた美と技に新たな息吹をもたらし、今の暮らしに気品と煌めきを生み出します。


History of Kinran Fabrics

“Kinran” is a type of weaving that uses either gold threads, which are yarns wrapped with gold foil, or thin strips of gold foil. Nishijin weaving originated in the Kofun era (mid 3rd c. – 7th c.), and prospered with the times as a high-quality textile. Craftsmen continuously improved the techniques of sericulture and silk weaving introduced from continental Asia, and thus developed the current Nishijin textile Kinran. Among the Kinran textiles, there is also a style called “Mukinmono”, which does not use gold. From luxurious textiles to textiles that carry a feel of “wabi-sabi” – a Japanese aesthetic sense of quiet simplicity – various colors and patterns have been inherited for generations.



kaji kinran

Brand Philosophy

During the thousand years when Kyoto was the capital of Japan, many craftsmen came together from around the country. They gathered the cutting-edge skills of the era to serve the Imperial Family, the aristocracy, the temples and shrines, and produced outstanding crafts. However, the number of skillful craftsmen is decreasing year by year. At Kaji Kinran, the highly skilled and young work side by side and are constantly pursuing new ways of expression. The various birds and flowers woven into the Kinran textiles a millennium ago are transformed into pillowcases and partitions, suiting the lifestyles and emotions of today.


KAJI KINRAN では、高度な技術を持つベテラン職人と若い職人が肩を並べ、常に新しい表現方法を追究しながら機織りを続けています。
千年前に金襴生地に織り込まれた鳥や花、そして蝶。 その柄や色合いは、今の暮らしや心持ちにかなうよう、クッションカバーや空間を仕切るスクリーンへと変化を遂げます。

kaji kinran