Terms of service


This agreement prescribes the handling when you use  “EC service” (hereinafter “this service”) provided by KAJI KINRAN CO., LTD (hereinafter “Company”). Please use this service after agreeing to this agreement.

Article 1 (definition)

Definitions of terms used in this contract are as follows.

  1. Service  The service operated by the Company and related services
  2. Website    The website on which the content of this site is posted
  3. This Contents    The generic name (including posting information) of letters, sounds, still images, moving images, software programs, codes, etc. provided on this service
  4. Users    Anyone who uses this service
  5. Personal information    Generic name of information that can identify individuals such as address, name, occupation, telephone number
  6. Registration information    Generic name of information registered by the user on this site (excluding posting information)
  7. Intellectual Property    Inventions, ideas, new varieties of plants, designs, works, works produced by other human creative activities (naturally occurring laws or phenomena discovered or solved, which includes industrial applications,  trademarks, trade names, items indicating goods or services used in business activities, trade secrets, technical or business information useful for other business activities
  8. Intellectual Property Rights    Right stipulated by laws and regulations concerning patent rights, utility model rights, breeder’s rights, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property or rights pertaining to legally protected interests
  9. Shopping    Purchase of products provided by us or other businesses on this site by registered users
  10. Buyer    the user who purchases the item by this service.


Article 2 (Role and position of the Company)

This service is intended to provide a place and opportunity for trading and other transactions of goods and services between users and Company (hereinafter referred to as “individual transactions”).


Article 3 (Content of service)

  1. The Company will provide various services for realizing the purpose of this service, as well as shopping, product reviews and other purposes on this site.
  2. When a user purchases a product, you can write a review for that product.
  3. In shopping, the contents of the product, price, delivery date, settlement method, shipping fee etc. are described on each page. Please check the contents carefully and enjoy shopping.
  4. For other explanations and regulations of individual services, please visit their respective pages on this site.


Article 4 (Agreeing to these Terms)

  1. You agree to these Terms of Service and you can use this service.
  2. When the user downloads the service to a smartphone or other information terminal and makes a consent procedure to this agreement, a user establishes a usage contract with the company according to the provisions of this agreement.
  3. If the user is a minor, please use this service with the consent of the custodian or other legal representative.
  4. If a user of a minor does not agree with a statutory representative and uses this service by falseness or with regard to age as agreement despite having no consent, and if you use fraudulence for the service in order to make us believe that it is other acting capacity person , you can not withdraw any legal action concerning this service.
  5. If you use this service after a user who was an underage at the time of consent of this agreement reaches the age of admission, the user is deemed to have approved any legal action concerning this service.


Article 5 (Modification of the Covenant)

  1. The Company shall be able to revise the contents of these Terms at any time without obtaining the consent of the User, and the User shall accept this without objection.
  2. When we revise these Terms, we will notify the user about the contents by way of our company’s method.
  3. The effectiveness of the revision of the previous Terms shall be effective from the time the Company has notified in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
  4. The user is deemed to have agreed without objection to this changed terms and conditions at the time of using this service after changing this agreement.


Article 6 (usage fee)

Users have no special burden, such as membership fee, with regard to the use of this service except for fees required for shopping.


Article 7 (Account Management)

  1. The user shall manage information registered at the time of use (hereinafter referred to as “registration information”, including mail address, ID, password, etc.) under its own responsibility. The user shall not use this to third parties, nor lend, transfer, transfer name, trading etc.
  2. When the use of this service is made according to the registration information, we can treat it as the one used by the person who used the registration, and as for the result caused by the use and all the responsibilities accompanying it, It shall belong to the person himself who went.
  3. The user shall indemnify such damages to the Company and third parties in case of damage to the Company or a third party due to misuse of the registered information.
  4. The management of registration information shall be under the responsibility of the user and we are not responsible for any disadvantage and damage which the user is suffered when it is because the registration information was inaccurate or false.
  5. When the registered information is stolen or found to be used by a third party, the user shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and follow the instructions from the company.


Article 8 (Handling of personal information, etc.)

Personal information and user information will be handled appropriately according to “Service Privacy Policy” separately specified by the Company.


Article 9 (Prohibited act)

When using this service, we will prohibit the following acts to the user (hereinafter “user”). In case of violation, we can take measures we deemed necessary, such as suspension of use immediately, deletion of registration information / posting, etc. without prior notice.

  1. Acts infringing on intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party
  2. The act of damaging the honor and trust of the Company or a third party or improperly discriminating or slandering
  3. Acts that infringe the property of the Company or a third party, or acts that may infringe
  4. Actions that cause economic damage to our company or third partie
  5. Threatening acts against our company or third partie.
  6. The user submits the following information
    1. Information that is at risk of damaging the rights and property of third parties.
    2. Information harmful to third parties, information that physically or psychologically harm third parties
    3. information belonging to crime, illegal acts, dangerous acts and information to teach and assist them
    4. Information intended to give illegal, harmful, intimidation, abuse, racial discrimination, defamation, slander, insult, harassment, incitement, discomfort, or that may cause such consequences
    5. Information that knows that it is contrary to the facts or does not exist
    6. Information that the user himself does not have controllable right
    7. Information that infringes intellectual property rights including other copyrights of third parties or other property rights, information that violates public interests or individual rights
    8. Information such as obscene, child pornography or child abuse image, document etc
    9. Information that violates laws such as the Doctor Act
    10. Other information that we deem inappropriate
  7. Computer viruses, acts of inducing or causing harmful programs
  8. act of putting an excessive burden on the infrastructure for this service and stress
  9. Attack on our site server, system, security
  10. Acts of trying to access our service by methods other than our interface
  11. an act of a single user acquiring a plurality of user IDs
  12. Other than the above, acts that we deem inappropriate


Article 10 (Matters to be observed by purchasers)

  1. The purchaser shall make an order with the intention of purchase pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the Company, and comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the guidelines of the regulatory authorities concerning the products etc. to be purchased and the purchasing method etc.
  2. Buyer can not purchase products corresponding to each of the following items, and if any acts that fall under each of the following items are performed, regardless of whether or not the buyer intentionally or negligently acts, it is deemed to be a violation of this Agreement.
    1. Order action without intention to purchase,
    2. Purchase acts of products that violate laws such as fake brand goods, piracy items
    3. Purchase acts of goods for commercial purposes such as resale,
    4. Mischief, harassment or other ordering acts for unfair purposes
    5. Other acts that we deemed inappropriate
  3. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for damage caused to a third party by ordering or purchasing the member


Article 11 (Handling of contents)

  1. The Company has rights concerning all contents provided by this service, and we grant users non-exclusive use of this service which can not be transferred or re-authorized.
  2. It is prohibited for users to copy, transmit, assign (including purchase and sale between users), rent, translate, adapt, reprint without permission, secondary use, using for profit, modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, etc. for any reason beyond the scope of use defined by the Company.
  3. Copyrights on the content (still images, moving images, text information and any other information) that registered users posted on this service by posting or other means (the rights prescribed in Article 21 or Article 28 of the Copyright Act Including all copyrights, including that), it shall belong to the user. However, at the time of sending the content, the user permits us to use the contents free of charge and non-exclusively in Japan and abroad.
  4. The user shall not exercise the moral rights of the author within this service.


Article 12 (Disclaimer)

  1. We are not responsible for any discussion, dispute or other trouble between the user and other users. Even in the event of a problem between the user and another user, the users will resolve it with their own responsibility and they will not make any claims to our company.
  2. The Company shall not take any responsibility for any damage caused by content change, suspension or termination of this service.
  3. The Company does not take any responsibility for the user’s environment of the service and does not assume any responsibility.
  4. The Company does not guarantee that this service conforms to the specific purpose of the user, that it has the expected function, product value, accuracy, and usefulness, that the use of this service by the user is compliant with the law, that it conforms to the internal regulations of industry groups or the like, or that no defects arise.
  5. The Company does not guarantee that this service is compatible with all information terminals, and the user shall acknowledge in advance that the malfunction may occur in the operation of this service due to version upgrade of the OS of the information terminal used for using this service. We do not guarantee that the problem will be resolved due to the modification of the program etc. when such trouble occurs.
  6. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of some or all of this service may be restricted due to changes in the usage agreement and operation policy of the service store such as App Store, Google Play etc.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly to the user caused by using this service.
  8. Even if the Company is notified in advance of the possibility of such damage to the user against any loss of opportunity that occurred to a user or other third party, interruption of business, or any damage (including indirect damage or lost profit), it assumes absolutely no responsibility.
  9. When there is a request for deletion of posts from other users or third parties, we can decide whether or not to delete in accordance with our judgment, and we are not responsible for any liability arising from such judgment.
  10. The provisions of paragraph 1 to the preceding paragraph shall not apply if there is willful or gross negligence on our company or when the contract is applicable to consumers under the Consumer Contract Law.
  11. Even in the case where the preceding paragraph is applied, the Company shall not be liable to compensate any damages arising from special circumstances among damages caused to users by acts of negligence (excluding gross negligence).
  12. When we assume liability for damages concerning the use of this service, we assume liability for compensation up to the amount of money received from the user in the month when the damage occurred.
  13. In connection with the use of this service, in the event of damages to other users or in the event of a dispute with a third party, the user shall indemnify or indemnify such damages for its own expenses and responsibilities. The user shall settle the dispute and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to our company.
  14. In the event that we are requested by third parties for damages etc due to the actions of the user, we will settle this by the cost of the user (attorney fee) and responsibility. In cases where the Company pays damages against the third party, the user pays all expenses including damages (including attorney fees and lost profits) to the Company.
  15. In the case that the user damages the Company in connection with the use of this service, compensation shall be paid to the Company (including court costs and attorneys fees) in the cost and responsibility of the user.
  16. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information posted by other users with this service. We are not responsible for any disputes or troubles concerning the information posted on this service.


Article 13 (About posting advertisements)

The user understands that there are cases where all advertisements are included on this service, that the Company or its affiliated parties may post all advertisements. The form and scope of advertisements on this service will be changed from time to time by us.


Article 14 (Surveillance Operation)

The Company shall conduct business to monitor whether the user is using this service properly at the discretion of the Company, and the user agrees with it.


Article 15 (Prohibition of assignment of rights)

  1. Unless previously accepted by the Company in writing, the user shall not transfer the whole or part of the position under this Term and all or part of the rights or obligations under this Agreement to a third party.
  2. The Company may transfer all or part of the Service to a third party at the discretion of the Company, in which case the user’s rights of the Service including the user’s account within the range of the transferred rights shall be transferred to the assignee.


Article 16 (Separability possibilities)

Even if any provision of this agreement or part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of these Terms and the rest of the provisions that are determined to be invalid or unenforceable in part, will continue to be fully effective.


Article 17 (Method of contacting us)

For inquiries / inquiries of the users concerning this service to us, please send from the inquiry form installed at the appropriate place in this service or the website operated by our company or It shall be carried out by the method specified separately by the Company.


Article 18 (Governing Law, Court of Jurisdiction)

  1. The validity, interpretation and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  2. With regard to discussions, litigation and any other disputes between the Company and users, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court according to the complaint.