Notation based on the Japanese Commercial Code

Distributor : Kaji Kinran Co., Ltd.

Operation supervisor :  Takahiro Suzuki

Location :  225 Tateyashirominamihancho, 2, Nishiurarosanji Noboru, Ohmiyado-ri, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0099, Japan

E-mail address :

※ The above address is expressed in double-byte “@” for spam countermeasures.

For inquiries please change “@” to “@” in half size.

Sales URL :

Payment method :  Credit card (Paypal), Bank transfer (prepayment)

Selling price : Described on each product page (tax included)

Required amount other than product price : In case of transfer, transfer fee. In case of delivery version, shipping fee.

Sales volume : We will sell the quantity stated on the site for each item.

Application validity period : Please within 14 days. If there is no payment within 14 days, I will consider it as cancellation.

Delivery time of goods : When there is inventory → We will ship the item within 5 business days after payment settlement is completed. 

When there is no stock

→ About here for shipping time We will contact customers directly without delay.

Product delivery method : Delivery by shipping company after arrangement by us

About returned goods / defectives : It does not respond to returned goods unless the item has defects.

Representation and notes on goods :  These products are all manufactured by the craftsmen, so there is a possibility to occre minute differences in color and pattern depending on dyeing condition, temperature and humidity.